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What happened to those horror movies?? What happened to those horror movies??

Topic started by music-man (@ on Fri Apr 23 22:55:01 EDT 2004.
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Hi friends!
I think this will be a different topic all together. I don’t know if a similar topic had come before. Any way let us take a break from the usual music related topics.
I have always been fascinated by the genres of movies that Hollywood produces. Action, thriller, horror, science fiction and so on
But that thing is surely missing in tamil movies nowadays. Same action, love, and formula movies. What about the horror movies.
The movies like “Andhi Varum Neram,13 number Veedu ,Amaavasai Iravu are all gone and there are no genuine efforts now.
Why our producers are not indulging in those efforts. Is it due to lack of viewers, risk factor or any other reasons.
Please discuss..


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