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    Sabash Kanchana for topic!

    Can we exhaust the songs of Bharathi before going to songs by others? Talking about Barathi's songs we have to pay our tribute, MUTHAL MARIYATHAI to AVM Chettiyar who enabled the nationalisation of the rights of Barathiar's songs. The original rights were held by a gramaphone record company called Surajmal & Sons which purchased the rights for Rs 600. AVM bought the rights from them for Rs 10,000 and used the songs in Naam Iruvar, Vethala Ulagam, Ore Iravu, Vazhkai etc. On a request he gave away the rights free to the government.

    The success of the songs lie not merely in the entertainment they generate but the impact it creates in society. There was a querry as to what extent the songs of Barathiyar had brought about realization in the hearts and minds of the Tamil society. To a small extent it has worked. But to a large extent it has fallen into the deaf ears. How about these?

    1.Vaaichollil Mattum Veerarkal (From Kappalottiya Thamizhan)

    Nenjil Uramuminri
    Nermai Thiramum INdri
    Vanchanai Cholvaradee-Kiliyey
    Vaichollil Veeraradee!

    Uppendrum Seeniyendrum
    ULnaattu Selai Endrum
    Seppith Thirivaradee-Kiliyey

    Achamum Pedimaiyum
    Adimai Chirumathiyum
    UchathiR Kondaradee!-Kiliyey
    Oomai Chanangaladee!

    Sontha Sagotharkal
    Thunbathil Saathal Kandum
    Chinthai iRangaradee-Kiliyey
    Semmai Marantharadee!

    (Has the situation changed now?)


    Nenju Porukkuthillaiyey!-Intha
    Nilai Ketta Manitharai Ninainthuvittaal

    Anji-anji Chaavar-Ivar
    Anjatha Porulillai Avaniyiley
    Vanjanai Peigalenbaar-Intha
    Marathilenbaar, Antha Kulathilenbaar
    Thunjuthu Mugattilenbaar-Miga
    Thuyarppaduvar, Enni Payappaduvaar

    Kanji Kudippatharkilaar-Athan
    Kaaranangal Ivai Enrum Arivumillaar
    Panjamo Panjamenrey-Nitham
    Parithavithey Uyir Thuduithudithu
    Thunji Madiginrarey-Ivar
    Thuyarkalai Theerkkavor Vazhiyumillaiyey!

    3. A great poet of later days was very much distressed, disheartened and disturbed by the then prevailing situation in Tamilnaadu. He said that had Barathiyaar been alive at that material point of time he would have reworded his poem as follows:

    Senthamizh Naadennum Pothiniley
    Oru theL vanthu kottuthu kaathiniley
    Engal Manthirimaar Enra Pechiniley
    Kadal Mannum Parakkuthu Beachiniley

    (The poet's lamentation was that politicians had changed the course of Barathi' dream for Baratha Desam)

    4. Again some narrow minded politicians again politicised the song scene in Kai Kodutha Deivam.
    In that film Shivaji Ganesan is portrayed as Bharathi in a dream scene. The song is Sinthu Nathiyin Misai Nilaviniley. In this song there is a line which goes:

    Singala Theevinukkore Paalam Amaippom
    Sethuvai Meduruthi Veethi Samaippom
    Vangathil Odi Varum Neerin Migaiyaal
    Maiyathu Naadugalil Payir Seiguvom.

    In this scene a model of India connecting Sri Lanka by a bridge is shown. This was twisted by some politicians as a deliberate attempt to instill in the minds of the Indians the desire to conquer Sri Lanka. The film caused a lot of agitaion in Sri Lanka. But poor Bharathi had the greater interest of the entire Tamil race as a whole.

    Aayutham Seivom
    Nalla Kaakitham Seivom
    Aalaikal Vaippom
    Kalvichaalaikal Vaippom
    Oyuthal Seiyom Thalai Saayuthal Seiyom
    UNmaikal Solvom Pala Vanmaikal Seiyom

    From the dailies we learn that Aayutham Seithal is rampant, Thalai Saayuthal at the feet is also common but what is the status of industrialisation, and educational institutions?

    6. Jathikal Illayadi Paappa

    Has the cancerous disease of caste discrimination been reduced to a large extent? But the emphasis had not been strong enough, according to a talk given by a politician cum literary figure. According to him, Barathi should have said:

    Jaathikal Illai Uthai Paappa
    Jaathikal Illai aRai Paappa
    Jaathikal Illai kuthu Paappa

    In my humble opinion Barathi's dream has materialised in certain aspects. One is the emancipation of women modelled after "Matherthammai Adimai Seiyum Madamaiyai Kozhuthuvom" The other is of course "Themathura Thamizh Osai Paarengum Paravum Vagai Cheivom"

    The London based BBC and of late the TFMDF is already fulfilling the dream of the greatest of the Pulavan in recent times.