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    There is an interesting background to "Singara Velane Deva" to be recorded for posterity. Sambamurhty Achariyar had composed tunes for the Devaram songs using the nadaswaram of Karukurichi Aarunasalam. But did not have financial means to publishe them in a book form. Actor Sagasranamam came forward to finance the publishing. When M.V. Raman produced the Konjum Salangai, he used S.M.Subbiah Naidu as the MD and Karukurichi Arunasalam as the Nadaswaram Vidvan. It was suggested to the producer to use the ready made tune of Sambamurthy Achariyar in the film for some devotional scenes. The producer agreed. The tune used was the following song of Thirugnanasambanthar:

    "Manthiramavathu Neeru Vaanavar Melathu Neeru
    Suntharamavathu Neeru Thuthikkap Paduvathu Neeru.."

    The tune for the above song was played by Karukurichiyar and recorded. Then he went away Then another suggestion was thrown in. How about getting a female singer to accompany the song by performing the song vocally? Agreed by the producer and names of P.Suseela, P.Leela and S.Janagi were forwarded. Janagi's voice was said to be closer to Nadaswaram. So she was selected. Next- to sing Manthiramavathu Neeru or some other song with the same tune? A new song has to be composed as the situation does not warrant Manthiramaavathu Neeru. Ku.Ma. Balasubramanaiam was called in. He heard the tune of Manthiramavathu Neeru and composed Singaravelane Deva. Then Janagi heard the tune of Krukurichiaar in the tape recorder and sang the song bu KuMa Balasubramaniam. Her song was recorded in the absence of Karukurichiyaar. Another idea was thrown in-How about editing the song in such a way that both the nadaswaram instrumental and Janagi's vocal appear in the same piece? Agreed. The sound engineer was called in offered the challenge. He took both the separate pieces and very very carefully cut physically and pasted them into one. That is what we hear today- Doesn't it sound though both Karukurichi Arunasalam and J.Janagi were ther on the spot to record the song? Thus way back in the 1950s such attempt had been made and achieved. Today's multitrack recording may do wonders. But this song of Konjum Salangai is still pioneer. Janagi will be remembered for this song for posterity, the film is remeembered for this song for posterity. Gemini Ganesan is remembered and imitated in many films and stage shows" Shanta, Utkar. Yen Paattai Niruthivittai? Un Iai Ennum Inba Vellathiley Neenthuvatharku Ododi Vantha Ennai Ematrathey Santha....Thenodu Kalantha Thellamutham... Kola Nilavodu Serntha Ilanthendral. Intha Singara Velanin Sannathiyil Nam Sangeetha Aruvigal Onru Kalakkattum... Paadu.. Paadu Shantha... Paadu" Just to share with you one of those intersting info that I have. Regards.