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Welcome to 'Tamizhth Thiraippadap Paadar Kalanjiyam'!

This site includes lyrics of songs from your favorite films, over a wide range of time. You can find songs from films as old as mandhiri kumaari and also from latest films.

This site includes lyrics and just lyrics only. Now, if you are here in search of audio versions of songs, you will be disappointed. The site was created with the objective of hosting lyrics only, for the know-the-tune-but-not-the-lyrics people. Now, you don't have to hum your favorite songs, you could sing them!

This site presents the lyrics in two different forms:
  • If you are comfortable reading Tamil, you can view the Tamil Version of the lyrics. To view the Tamil version correctly, Murasu Anjal should be running. To download Murasu Anjal now, click here.
  • I have provided an English Version for people not-so-comfortable reading Tamil. Be sure to read a word on transliteration.

What's new?

This site grew from a list of song lyrics maintained by Ramki(who continues to send transliterated lyrics) as part of the Tamil Film Music Page. I have added Tamil and English versions for all the lyrics and developed this site thereafter. (I need to thank these persons too.) However, there are some incomplete songs. I would appreciate if you help me complete the songs. If you find a mistake or would like to contribute to this archive, feel free to email me.

Kumar Venkataraman.